Tamara's affair


Tamara was laying spread-eagled on the warm floor of my terrace. She was completely naked. Her hairless pussy glistened with saliva and her own juices. The large floppy labia with their rings hung down flaccidly. Because of their impressive dimensions and their current state of floppiness, even the topmost rings hung down deep and were almost level with her ass hole. The thick fluid of her pleasure still dropped from the pink skins. Her nipples were still erect and they were also shiny with wetness.
She opened her blue eyes and smiled as she stretched her magnificent body.
"That was wonderful" she said in a hoarse tone. "You are a great lover my dear! I missed you so much!"
"Will you tell me now?" I knelt down next to her and laid my head on her flat belly.
"Okay I promised..." 

Dear Visitor,

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Carlos said...

I prefer the les episodos, but I have to admit this was very arousing as well. Gratulacion!

Eve said...

Well written story. I love your character I really wouldn't mind to meet her IRL!

Alembic_Wolf said...

This has a well woven theme, and is only the 2nd of your publishings I have read. Story content , flow, eros, well conceived and methodically, evolved. Exceptional

Alembic_Wolf said...

I think Ulrik is into LSD ( Labia Stretching Devices ) ..he's quite the gadget guy in the hardware store ...really was obsessing ..and totally was wild with Tamara, and ..i sensed a powerful love really evolved in the writing of this tale

Wonderful , and oh btw the term "sport, or sporting" i think is over used in USA, am not sure about Europe, but i noticed the use of that word ..just a bit more than in some of other reads. My friend i proof read for from Finland also uses the word sporting quite a bit..perhaps its not you at all..just that that word shows up a lot in writings from Europe ...Just an observation. :-)

Alembic_Wolf said...

Have nit heard from you in a long time Pet , how have you been , sorry i got busy last year on the one remaining edit I had a very hectic professional year

TattooSau said...

This was a very nice and very erotic story only the ending seems to be a little sad, i hope you'll find something more to write (maybe again using the N-Immbilise "persuading" Tamara not to join Ulrik because he's only in love with her cunt and wants to tease that cunt of her)

Congratulations for your work so far!!!

Elsa said...

I am in love with your stories! I wrote you also privately but never get a reply...
How can I contact you?

Bare_Pet said...

Sorry Elsa I did reply now.

I have some rough time lately and I completely neglecting my digital life.

Alembic_Wolf said...

Pet i just got your reply to Elsa as a string of comments ( not your actual reply ..to her , but activity on the blog ) i too had been trying to reach you for a long time, and i guess you never got my edits to that last piece you sent me..as i never heard back..Just wondering how you had been, we did email on a number of occasions when i helped with your edits to English etc ..But i lost your email when i closed some of my Google+ contacts
Mark :-) kindly note me when you can