About Me

Dear reader,

Welcome to my page. I'm Petra the author of the Labia Tales series.

Let me briefly introduce myself: I am kind of petite. I am 145 cm (4'9") and around 40 kg (88 lbs) with black hair and dark-blue eyes. I am lesbian and I like all sorts of extreme sexual pleasures. My uniqueness are my large, floppy pussylips. They are very sensitive I love playing with them as you can read about it in the episodes. It is so much fun to have big, dangling labia.

When I got thirty years old I decided to write a story about my sexual adventures in English which is based on my diary entries. Because I am not native English I depend on willing proof-readers to correct my work. Let me express my gratitude to them. I'm also grateful to all who took the time to give feedback on my writings.

I should put it in a prologue that "the names have been changed to protect the innocent... and guilty", but I guess it is obvious regarding the nature of my stories. Because of the same reason you will not find pictures of me or any characters (well except the blurry background and the profile photo), use your imagination...

Enjoy your stay!



Sanyi said...


Could you share some personal information about yourself? I also interested how big your lips now? Please reply!


Bare_Pet said...


What more personal can I share than the details I wrote in my stories?

If you mean real life information I do not wish to publish that. However if you send me an e-mail I answer there.