The very first time


I pedalled my bike from the library, back to my dark little room in my aunt's attic. She lived her own life, and didn't really care about me. We ran across each other by chance, in various parts of the house a couple of times a month. This was fine with me. I was quite self-sufficient, having lived apart from my parents since I was fourteen. A spring shower came suddenly and I got soaked in a few seconds. It rained so heavily that I couldn't see more than a few meters. I heard a car coming from behind and when the water spray hit me I lost balance and crashed into the ditch losing consciousness.
The next thing I saw was a bright light and a man in white examining me. I realized that I was in a hospital.
"How do you feel?" asked the man.
"A little dizzy."
He asked me to focus on his hands, hold my hand out and so on and smiled when he finished.
"I'll send in your sister, you may go home."
"My sister?" I wondered because during the short marriage of my parents I was their only child, but before I could ask anything else the doctor left and a woman entered the room. She was around thirty, her long honey blond hair was braided in a ponytail, she had beautiful grey eyes and a pretty face. She was about 170 cm tall, wore a short skirt and a t-shirt. Her legs were long and muscular, like her arms. It wasn't hard to tell that she didn't wear a bra because her erect nipples pointed out very obviously through the fabric of the t-shirt as her little tits bounced with every step she took.
"Are you all right?" she asked a very soft voice.
"The doctor said that you are my sister..." the woman glanced back nervously towards the door where the doctor and a nurse were standing.

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Alembic_Wolf said...

A wonderful story to start, an evolution of an erotic story telling and relating of the lifes experiences,exceptionally moving, you have a gift