The present


At home it was very boring. I read a lot and masturbated all day. I couldn't stop touching myself. I was horny all the time and it didn't matter how often I satisfied myself. One afternoon I tied a string to my lips. I stretched them wide and tied the strings together behind my waist. This way I had both hands free to play on my broadly opened cunt. The whole area of sensitive skin was stretched out to make me feel better. I kept my lips tied and stretched wide till evening. When I removed the strings my lips looked a little bit out of shape and they were sore. Fisting became my daily routine. I could relax my muscles and this way my hand slipped in and out as if it were a finger. This way I achieved a kind of different orgasm. I didn't want to ruin myself so I started to practice vaginal muscle training. This is a kind of ancient practice that originated in the east. It is very healthy because it allows more control on the muscles in the pubic region.

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