The birthday gift


My relationship with Tamara was a new experience for me, since we didn't have any sex at all. She cuddled, caressed and kissed, but that was all that she allowed. When I tried to do something explicit she got uncomfortable and freed herself from my embrace. My other source of pleasure Christine was on a trip and in our last phone call she confessed that she accepted the offer. She was about to organize everything for her family to move over the ocean. It was very sad for me. I treated Christine as my most trusted friend. She was a kind of elder sister for me, and I felt cheated.
Samantha was still her old self, but my long absence made us a bit remote. I was lonely, and I wanted to do anything to get closer to her. We met only in the swimming pool and we had sex only once or twice in a month. After our recent swim she asked something very strange.
"I would like you to join us for lovemaking!"
"What? You mean..." the offer surprised me very much "You mean you want me to have sex with you and Dr. Vale?"

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Alembic_Wolf said...

Very involved write, much going on, sort of maybe too, i stopped a bit and came back and read again.All of what is written in this story,is erotik, sensuous, and passionate, and it relates, as it is all about the birthday gift...but so much is happening. and Christine being controlling, and the the dr, it ends up still being a stimulating read for the senses, but also feels like maybe this is 2 separate reads, a bit complex, than the others ...but still tells a passionate tale of a superb event my word verification in have to type in to make this post is LOL "porno" ha ha