Romance and fury


Samantha's romance was getting really serious. We only met once in the gym in the next few days, and he waited for her even after that. This was supposed to be our last night together because on the next day I was going back home. He did not respect this, he even invited us for a dinner. He was holding Samantha's hand, which made me even more frustrated.
"I would like to cook you something very special!" he said with a big smile. I was sure this prick was thinking of having a threesome.
"I am not hungry."
"C'mon Petra, Michael is a very good cook! Let's go!" asked Samantha "I already bought everything."
"I prefer to go home. The train will leave early."
"I will give you a ride. If you want I can help you pack your things!" Samantha desperately wanted to save the situation.
"I am good with packing as well!" offered Michael.
"I can imagine!" I didn't try to conceal that I hated him "I already packed everything."
"If you two want to chit-chat about female issues I can stay in the background..."
"I don't think that would help!" I was very angry and he just made me crazy. We reached Samantha's apartment where we stood for a moment in annoying silence.

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