Playing dead


I tried to reach Christine on the number that she gave me, but only her voicemail replied. I left her a few messages because I was worried about my pussy since it was completely dead after three days. Besides this, I had problems with the control of my bladder. At least I didn't have any problem with the piercing. It healed without the slightest problem. I was very nervous because with my dead sex I couldn't get off very often. I had a great time with my numb pussy after I got home, because it was a very curious feeling. It was like touching somebody else's body. I fisted myself and I felt my hand inside me and there was the nice stretching but the feeling wasn't complete. However with this and with very intense nipple play I could reach a climax. I even tried anal stimulation but it didn't do anything for me. It was unpleasant and nothing more.

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