Parallel lines


We had a quiet Friday night shift in the hospital. After I finished my rounds, I was sitting in the ready room and playing with my lips. I had made a bet with my best friend Samantha, that we wouldn't wear panties when the circumstances allowed. In the hospital under my white frock I usually wore nothing underneath. I often wrapped my labia around my small finger or sometimes on a pen. With this setup I could stretch them leisurely. This activity kept me in a nicely aroused state.

Dear Visitor,

I interrupted the story because I made up my mind to create an e-book from my stories which you may find under this link: 

A free sample is available in various formats. In case if it is to your liking and want to read on you may drop me an e-mail and I send you a coupon to get a discount as my blog's visitor!

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Tidou said...

You are very talented! I enjoyed the whole series, it is a real turn on.

I like the detailed descriptions, the characters and the plot.

Write more please!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You might earn a good living from your works. You should try it!

Unknown said...

A profil fotódból sugárzik az erotika! Imádom.