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I was very happy that the first week was finally over on the pediatric ward. The rest of my field-work time was spent in the casualty department. I was lucky because my supervisor was a nice woman called Victoria. She was very informal and she did everything together with us. I learned quite a lot from her.
She was a bit melancholic. I never saw her smile during our first three days working together. Later I figured out that she had broken up recently with her husband.
Nurse Victoria was a very attractive woman in her early thirties. She wore her chestnut hair in a fuzzy Cleopatra style. Her eyes were large, warm, and brown. She had a very pretty nose in her oval face giving her quiet an aristocratic expression. I loved her mouth. Her lover lip was thicker than the upper and somehow pouty. She was petite but not small. She had slim waist with nice round tits and a tight, sporty butt. I was attracted to her at once.
My partner, Ashley was the star of our class. She was the best in everything. I liked her but had the feeling that she didn't like me, probably because I wasn't as dedicated as she was. Nevertheless we got along with each other pretty well.

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