Christine and Me


I was in a bed when I woke up. It was a bedroom with only a double bed and two night stands. It was a bright sunny day, the window was open and the birds were singing. I got up and noticed my pajamas. It was the perfect size for me. I pulled down the pants and examined my pussy. It was beautifully smooth. My lips were puffy and red but sore to the touch. I walked out of the room and saw Christine in the kitchen, she was squeezing oranges.
"Good morning!"
"What's the date today?" I asked.
"Actually you were down only for a day. Was your 'dream' interesting?"
"Dream?" I raised my eyebrows "Ahh! You mean the 'dream'! Well it was very interesting!"

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Alembic_Wolf said...

Your quote "lunatic in ecstasy" seems so appropriate really , and in a good way, as lust can be so intoxicating /drug like that it takes over control of the senses of mind with its power and elusive dream state

Lovely writes ..beautiful sharing,