Becoming Bare Pet


Having a bare pussy impressed me so deeply that I decided to try different methods. First, I tried depilatory creams, but they were worse than shaving and I hated the smell. I experimented with waxing, but it was a complete failure because I ended up with wax in my fur, since I couldn't pull them all out and I was left with bloodshot and bleeding little spots.
After the healing, I went to a cosmetician and asked her - my cheeks burning- to wax my pubes. She was unhelpful: she would do only my bikini line, so despite my embarrassment I went to another beautician. At this place there were three cosmeticians in one shop. I was very nervous when I asked the middle aged women. She didn't understand what I wanted because I was almost inaudible. I had to ask again and she repeated what I asked while she shook her head:
"Young lady, you should go home! I don't think your parents know that you want a full pussy waxing! I bet you are even underage..."
I left the shop before she had finished. My face burned like fire, and I didn't raise my head until I reached the bus stop. I didn't care what the number of the bus was, I just wanted to disappear, but before I stepped onto the stairs of the vehicle a young woman in a light blue robe, with almost white blond hair, grabbed my arm and pulled me back. She was one of the cosmeticians from the shop.

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